Episodes 3, 6, & 8

Episode 3: Dr. Judy Reynolds Following your passion


Encouraging your children to find a passion and empower parents to not give up on finding and pursuing their passion.  Tonight Becca interviews Dr. Judy Reynold who put life to work for her as she didn’t give up on her dreams while still raising a family, providing opportunities for her children.  Putting life on hold doesn’t have to occur when you are empowered with a Better by the Minute Life with Becca.  It’s never too late. 

Episode 6: Dr. Judy Reynolds Health before conception

During this episode of Better by the Minute Life with Becca, we visit with Dr. Judy Reynolds PhD CWHC again as we look at what we can learn from the animal world in nature and animal husbandry and apply it to human life and the importance of nutrition before conception in any culture.

Episode 8:  Dr. Judy Reynolds Deep Dive into foods to increase and those to ignore

I know of many people who are told they can’t have something and they just want it more.  Especially when it comes to food.  When told not to eat something the craving and desire for it increases.  Today we are joined by Nutritional Specialist Dr. Judy Reynolds.  We take a deep look at foods to increase and ignore, but the most important piece is why.  Our brain wants to protect the body, knowing why we should and should not partake increases the mental awareness and instills information which adjusts desire and cravings.  This also includes water and the need to stay hydrated.  

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