Seeing the Light through the White Coat Profession

As a nurse cared for patients and managed staff in medical surgical units, emergency rooms, clinics, neuro rehabilitation and long-term care facilities. As shift supervisor for a regional facility oversaw medical and mental health units. Worked as a Nurse Education Specialist for some of the same units.

Leader in a Celebrate Recovery Program for 5 years then became the Minister in charge of the program for about two years and also actively supported the spiritual growth and development in the general church, teaching several classes.

Excited about relationship with God the Father, His Son and the Holy Spirit. A lifelong learner in the word of God and continually assesses the world around us, passionately pursuing healthier options and encouraging others to do the same.

Pastor Deborah O. Smith
IWH Certified Wholistic Health Coach, Educator, Pastor

Graduated from High School in 1971, Nursing School as an RN in 1973 – retired after 39 years, Bachelor of Science in 1985, and Master of Arts in Education 1995. Joined the United States Air Force Nurse Corps in 1974 and Retired as Lieutenant Colonel in 1996. Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. Ordained as a Pastor in 2007. Certified Coach through Coach Training Alliance. Administrative Director at Gateway International Bible Institute from 2017-2021. Certified Minister in Deliverance and Healing in 2021. A Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network Host – “IN THE KNOW WITH DEBORAH O” from 2020-2022. Certified Wholistic Health Coach through the Institute of Wholistic Health in 2022.

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