~Becca Dukes Kozak

About Becca and her journey

Hello, my name is Rebecca (Becca) Dukes Kozak

I am a mother to four amazing boys and Nana to four beautiful granddaughters.

As a quality analyst at a medical device manufacturer, I felt in my gut there had to be a way to prevent the poor health conditions the company was creating devices to respond to.

Hiding my own pain, the depth of my health crisis was discovered after a fall at the age of 30 where an MRI exposed severe breakdown throughout the body in addition to the recent compression fractures. An explanation for my years of constant pain was revealed, but the only solution the medical community gave was pain meds that I was either allergic to or were harmful to other parts of my body.  The ‘REAL’ solution was not clear.

15 years of additional decline and high-risk preterm pregnancy and delivery, resulted in 120 lbs overweight, bone, blood, blood sugar, and joint issues with pain everywhere including migraines that actually started at the age of eight, and anemia from my early teens. I truly believed God had a plan in using this pain as a testimony of hope for others, someday.

At the depth of poor health in 2016, I discovered the toxins that were hiding in my food, makeup, cleaning solutions, and environment. I learned that we can not ‘trust’ that all products are safe for use. I also found solutions that contributed to my true ‘HEALING’ journey.  No more masking the symptoms.

Pulling from my personal experience, I now have a Passion with a Purpose to help others discover a Better by the Minute Life.  My experiences not only give hope to those who are hurting but also those who are interested to build their own business that carries a purpose in building healthy communities and families.

As a Wholistic Health Coach, I was ultra exposed to the corruption behind the Federal Drug Administration and its role in demonizing and preventing the use of natural approaches to creating and maintaining health and wellness. It is now part of my passion to empower individuals and expose the evil and censorships. There is a governmental suppression and push to dependency on such government, around the world. This is robbing individuals of the drive to succeed.

Currently, I am:

Host of Better by the Minute Life with Becca

Host of the AskDocLive show

Host of the Q&A with Pharmacist Ben Fuchs and Becca 

Natural Health Advocate for Critical Health News Newsletter

Certified Wholistic Health Coach and Trainer

Admissions Manager at the Institute of Wholistic Health

Coach Captain and Trainer to an amazing team of home-based Certified Wholistic Health Coaches and Business owners.

Mission for our Clients

Promote the best products that create a life-changing impact towards a better health journey for our clients, using a wholistic approach to inspire and implement solutions for overall Wellness.

Our Values

We strive to go above and beyond for our clients no matter the challenge. We aim to deliver the most natural and nutritional solutions based on real research and formulations.