Nir Zadok – Because you deserve to be pampered An Athlete had his dreams redirected after an injury in the military which led to find healing through alternative therapies. In his travels and joy in helping others with treatments and therapies.

Adrienne G. Hi, my name is Adriana Gilmore. I am a 21 year old esthetician living in southern California with my husband and younger brother. My brother and I come from a family of drug/alcohol abuse and are now making it out on our own. My hope is to be a better mother figure for my […]

Jay B. Jay’s story with substance abuse of many forms, started from a young age. With a childhood filled with loss and trauma, he fell into a trap of crime and drugs. As an adult he has broken from from the bondage of drugs and alcohol and is using his story to reach others as a […]

Mia: Project Heal As part of my Addiction and Sobriety Series, I have invited Mia as a guest to share incites as a family member watching a sibling go through addiction, but also as a counselor in facilities leading programming for those living with addiction beyond drugs and alcohol, but also eating disorders and relationships. A manifestation […]

Ruthellen Sanchez A mother’s journey through addiction, learning forgiveness and how to love herself while loving and accepting her kids through their own journey. Ruthellen Sanchez grew up in Orange County California and currently lives in Bucks County Pennsylvania with her husband, three sons and four grandchildren. During her life she struggled with Alcoholism and Substance […]

Coach Karen A Scott Living Your Life Purposefully,with Coach Karen A. Scott website: www.coachkarenascott.comInstagram: @coachkarenscottKaren A. Scott is a Certified Wholistic Health & Purpose Development Coach, a Mentor, a Motivational Speaker, a Summit Host/Facilitator, and a Self-Published Author from Somerville NJ. She coaches and mentors women toward Optimal Health and Wellness while discovering and developing their Divine Purpose! […]

Pastor Deborah O. Smith, RN, Ret. Lt Col Seeing the Light through the White Coat Profession As a nurse cared for patients and managed staff in medical surgical units, emergency rooms, clinics, neuro rehabilitation and long-term care facilities. As shift supervisor for a regional facility oversaw medical and mental health units. Worked as a Nurse Education Specialist for some of the same […]

Doctors specializing without limited focus.

Episode 30: Facets of alternative modalities and how they work together. When you find a doctor with an open mind who keeps learning to best care for his patients, it’s pretty special. Dr. Rudolph ‘Rudy’ Garza, has continued his journey through seeking out root causes to meet the needs of his patients. The journey […]

André Stewart

Episode 27: From Homeless and Overwhelm to on the top of the summit and back. As bank and financial advisor to those in business big and small. André Stewart found himself back to overwhelm that was seriously threatening his health and livelihood. His mission in Life is to now help others discover mental awareness and […]