Dr. Debbie A. Martinez, MD

Episode 15: Retired Surgeon of Oncology, Dr. Debbie Martinez, MD https://betterbytheminutelife.com/shows/Show_15_mixdown.mp3Receiving The Arthur G James Cancer Hospital’s “Commitment to Hope Award” it was apparent that giving hope to others was something she did instinctively. She put this skill to use outside of the operating room and for the first time in her life began making […]

Karen Shepley

Episode 13:  Karen Shepley Book Launch Promotion April 2022 https://betterbytheminutelife.com/shows/Show_13_mixdown.mp3 From High Tech program management to self sustainable backyard gardening Karen Shepley, author of YOUR SELF-SUFFICIENT BACKYARD HOMESTEAD GARDEN is today’s guest on Better by the Minute Life with Becca.  Through her own journey and effort to create a sustainable food source in her own […]

Heather Hager

Episode 11:  Heather Hager Home School and Self Care From Financial Advisor to Homeschooling mama Heather Hager has a passion to mentor families in finding a program that fits what meets their family needs and lifestyle.  In this episode of Better by the Minute Life with Becca, Heather puts on her homeschooling advisor and resource […]

Coach Rod W.

Episode 7:  Coach Rod It’s self check time, are we setting the example that starts our children off strong with respecting others and creating unity.  Join me as Coach Rod brings his love for celebrating diversity, family, and the human body.  He shares with us what we can do to not only bring joy to […]

Dr. Joanne Conaway

Episodes 10 & 11 Episode 10: Dr. Joanne Conaway Be Empowered of your own Mental Healthhttp://betterbytheminutelife.com/shows/Show_09_mixdown.mp3 Episode 11:  Dr. Joanne Conaway Stress, the Good, the Bad and what you can do to thrive through it.http://betterbytheminutelife.com/shows/Show_10_mixdown.mp3 Dr. Joanne Conaway is an internationally acclaimed speaker and author, Dr. Conaway, presentsher unique perspective on what it takes to […]

Jonathan Emord, Esq

Episodes 4 & 5 Episode 4: Jonathan Emord Exposing the FDA and the fight for use of Supplementation for Disease response. http://sunpoweredproductions.com/Show_04_mixdown.mp3 Bringing the brighter side of life includes a fight to make it happen.  Tonight’s guest is one of the leading Constitutional Law Attorneys who is standing up against Big Pharma and Big Tech […]

Dr. Judy Reynolds

Episodes 3, 6, & 8 Episode 3: Dr. Judy Reynolds Following your passion http://sunpoweredproductions.com/Show_03_mixdown.mp3 Encouraging your children to find a passion and empower parents to not give up on finding and pursuing their passion.  Tonight Becca interviews Dr. Judy Reynold who put life to work for her as she didn’t give up on her dreams […]

Tanya Fillion

Episode 2:  I am Ready with Tanya Fillion and TMF Transformations http://sunpoweredproductions.com/Show_02_mixdown.mp3 Join Becca as she brings Tanya Fillion from TMF Transformations in with an idea on bringing out the treasured qualities of ourselves and our children.  Building memories and using past memories to be creative in creating a visual I AM Affirmations poster. Connecting […]

Dennis Malec

Episode 1: The value in music with Dennis Malec https://sunpoweredproductions.com/Show_01_mixdown.mp3 Bringing the brighter side of life is a mission of the Better by the Minute Life with Becca Show. In this episode, music, is the instrument to open up a world of creative solutions for a well-rounded life from childhood to adulthood.  Becca brings Musician […]