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Issues with Sinus and Reflux, No More

For years I was diagnosed by medical doctors as having chronic sinusitis! Every year I would battle severe colds, bronchial infections, and pneumonia! I would be prescribed the usual ‘cillin , took tons of cold meds along with a daily dose of sinus clearing over counter meds and sprays and breathing treatments! In one year of learning to live 90 for life; I’m not only off all those medications I am free of medications for irritating reflux issues! Can you say “oH what a relief it is”! I love it, I feel great, I haven’t had any severe sinus issues in almost 2 years now; not to mention relief from headaches including migraines, And now I’m actually seeing results in my endeavors to lose weight….finally!!! I can’t wait to FEEL how much better I can in the future with my 90 for life and encourage others to learn!
Stephanie L-P


Joy in Movement with 80lbs Released!

I was morbidly obese by medical standards and I was told by a lot of people that losing 80 lbs was not possible or safe for me. I also had a history of getting sick and or injured every time I started a diet or fitness program. That all changed when I saw a very scary health future and said enough! I will do whatever it takes! Then I committed to compete in the Youngevity Better Health Challenge. I started on January 1, 2020, at 203 lbs and gained my best health in years while also remembering how it felt to have joy in movement again as I restarted my road to my Black Belt. I released 80 lbs and truly transformed my life on this journey. I celebrate winning the 2020 Grand Champion in the Better Health Challenge with an amazing Team and I treasure the Youngevity culture and community I am incredibly proud to be a part of. I love Youngevity and the minerals and the people will be a part of my life for the rest of my life.
Tanya F.


Pain reduction and I can wear shorts again

I have been working with Rebecca on many health issues with great results. One is an infection that had developed on legs that I had not mentioned to her until it was really bad and traditional medicine efforts were not providing favorable results. Through her advice, in less than four months I am no longer in excruciation pain and I can wear shorts again.
At 80+, I am feeling younger with energy and looking forward to welcoming my next great-grandchild into this world. Now to tackle the last few concerns.
Jerry W.