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Tanya F

Expanding her RTT Business with Real Health Coaching

Choosing to work with Becca this past year has been rewarding and inspiring. Becca is passionate about empowering her team and her clients with professional resources, support, and growth opportunities. I celebrate that Becca has not only been my biggest cheerleader, she also holds me accountable for the growth I am ready and committed to achieve. When I have brought forward ideas that excite me, I love the support I have received from her. She has also developed a number of powerful tools and resources to empower her teams. The unwavering and professional support not only for me and my team but also for the rest of her organization is incredible! I know that when I have a question, a challenge in my business she cares, and she is committed to empowering me in a way that is professional, knowledgeable, and resourceful while also being kind and compassionate. The focus on being intentional at looking for celebrations in my business has been a powerful addition as well. It is an honour and a pleasure to work with Becca as she leads by example the power of personal and professional growth to empower my life and live life better by the minute!
Tanya F.


Her system is simple and easy to duplicate!

I have been in business for myself for the last 10 plus years. I had no team, system, training, or accountability partners. My business fluctuated from average to above several times a year and it was very frustrating.
I partnered with Becca, and my business has structure. My foundation is steady, and the training is phenomenal!!!! Her system is simple and easy to duplicate!!! My business has been showing steady growth over the past few years. I would tell anyone if you need a leader, trainer, person who is serious, cares, and knows what they’re doing with a simple system, Becca is your person. I’m thankful and grateful for the partnership and team we’ve built.
Rod W.


…it’s all genuine.

Working with Rebecca is a dream come true. She has been extremely knowledgeable and guided me to a huge restoration of my health. Her kindness and patience cannot be exaggerated because it’s all there and it’s all genuine. My goals are to help family and friends people that I love regain healthy lives and Rebecca has been by my side every step of the way. I appreciate this lady beyond words.
Shelby Pope


…a leader with traits worth imitating.

If someone asked me what I loved most about Youngevity my first response would be our leaders. One of my favorites would have to be on top of the list, Rebecca Dukes Kozak!! “Becca” is a leader with traits worth imitating. Even when she is so busy hosting zoom after zoom, keeping us all on track with times and dates, making time to assist with 3-way calls; I know I can always count on her when I have questions and in need of help!! And as a great leader if she can’t help right then she WILL get back to you!! If you are blessed to be on her team you can be assured she will do all she can to be there for you! I have no doubt as one of her clients you will have the best of care!
I say as a leader, but she is more than that she treats you as and I’m thrilled to have her as a beautiful, dear friend. With her own health journey and results, you can’t help but be enthusiastic; as she is, with what our products can do for ourselves and loved ones! A great company is only good with quality products and the people who share and teach us, Becca is definitely a great one!!!
Stephanie L-P