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For every decision in life there is a healthier option. Artificial fragrances, chemical cleaners, processed, and enriched foods contribute to a life full of toxins, These toxins can interrupt the endocrine system including hormonal function. Toxin overload is common in today’s world with unhealthy farming practices, empty food and an upside down food pyramid. Together the above are causing breaking down and destroying our bodies at the cellular level. Discover how you can eliminate environmental elements that are contributing to this break down.

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Better by the Minute Life with Becca is a weekly radio program that presents how you can be empowered in creating the life that you deserve without compromise, for yourself and your family. Knowledge is power and Health is Simple. We go uncensored into food, exercise, mindset, family, education, and exposure of corruption threatening to suppress your freedoms. This is one of several programs hosted by Becca Dukes to Empower you with the knowledge you need to have A Better by the Minute Life.

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Even it you’ve been given the tag of a ‘genetic’ condition, the science of Epigenetics has proven that you can control how your genes react or express symptoms of dis-ease. Through my Free Health Evaluation and 15 minute consulation with a Certified Wholistic Health Coach, we look at the body as a whole to determine what is recommended to choose the direction you wish your health to travel.

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From a Life riddled with pain,
to thriving from the inside out.

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