Episode 13:  Karen Shepley Book Launch Promotion April 2022


From High Tech program management to self sustainable backyard gardening Karen Shepley, author of YOUR SELF-SUFFICIENT BACKYARD HOMESTEAD GARDEN is today’s guest on Better by the Minute Life with Becca.  Through her own journey and effort to create a sustainable food source in her own backyard she realized that there was a gap in the books she had read about gardens.  So through her passion to support growing our own food and her own research and experience she put together A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO GROWING FOOD AT HOME AND CREATING A SUSTAINABLE POLLINATOR GARDEN WITH ABUNDANT HARVESTS OF FRUITS AND VEGETABLES.  On today’s show discover what is often overlooked and what you can do increase and more nutrient dense harvest in your backyard and community 

Karen encourages you to Subscribe to your local gardening centers newsletter or the Farmers almanac for more planting information specific to your area.

Find her book on Amazon where a grand release special is offering the Kindle version for $.99 in April.
Join her Facebook Group: My Homestead Garden
Get instant access to your copy of Companion Plant Chart for Fruits, Vegetables, and Pollinators at Myhomesteadgarden.com

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