Episode 15: Retired Surgeon of Oncology, Dr. Debbie Martinez, MD https://betterbytheminutelife.com/shows/Show_15_mixdown.mp3
Receiving The Arthur G James Cancer Hospital’s “Commitment to Hope Award” it was apparent that giving hope to others was something she did instinctively. She put this skill to use outside of the operating room and for the first time in her life began making house calls after retirement.

The years following retirement she received significant benefits from complementary medicine with benefits so great that in February 2019, she opened a health and wellness office as a Health and Wellness Practitioner and Certified Wholistic Health Coach. With her experience and ongoing research and training she felt she had a unique calling to do so. She also regained the joy of empowering people again and resumed public speaking,
Dr. Debbie Martinez, MD is founder and owner of Credible Complementary Therapy located in Spokane, WA with office hours and phone consultations available.

Website: www.crediblecomplementarytherapy.com
Email: drdebbie@crediblecomplementarytherapy.com


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